School in the Summer

posted Jul 22, 2016, 9:02 AM by Elaine Hulett   [ updated Jul 22, 2016, 9:11 AM ]

Molly Stark School Community,

What happens at school during the summer?

This letter is for all of the people who wonder what goes on inside the school over the summer. “But all the kids are on break,” they say before I explain the many responsibilities that must be addressed in July and August.

Molly Stark Elementary School hosts a number of instructional programs during the summer (and some very interesting programs, like the one with animals pictured with this article). We will conclude our summer school program at the end of July. This experience involves several staff members and serves to extend what children have learned throughout the traditional school year, in a casual, enriching half-day program. There have been approximately 100 learners brightening the hallways with their smiles, enjoying a nutritious lunch, and filling rooms with the sounds of learning.

In addition to our instructional programming, head custodian Dave Rifenburg leads a crew of workers charged with the challenging task of performing needed repairs and cleaning the entire school in preparation for opening day. Sandy Mitchell, our secretary processes every purchase order required to supply the school with paper, pencils, and thumb drives. Sandy also processes information requests from anxious parents, staff members, and a new principal. Beyond that, she juggles countless phone calls and emails to the school. Technology staff from the SVSU central office are busy going school to school to school attending to computers, electronic projection screens and installing new programs and security updates. On top of this activity, teachers are frequently arriving at school to work on organizing their rooms, ordering supplies, and connecting with their colleagues regarding the curriculum.

Our school will welcome several new staff members before the first day of school. The hiring process is ongoing and designed to secure people who will contribute to our mission by furthering the hopes and supporting the dreams of all of our learners. In sum, school is a very busy place in July and August.

Summer will be over before we know it (and before we want it to be over). I look forward to the opening bell. Remind your children to bring a smile to school and our staff will collectively commit ourselves to making sure they go home at the end of the day with a smile. If that happens, then everything in between will contribute to building a brighter future for our learners. Join us in this quest by becoming a partner in your child’s learning experience. Visit the school, attend parent meetings, communicate with school staff, ask your child questions about school, find something positive to say about their effort and performance, don’t be afraid to contact me at school – get and stay involved!

Dr. Mike Mugits