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Staff Directory

Welcome to the Molly Stark Elementary School Faculty and Staff Directory. Send an email by clicking on a name. Visit a classroom website by clicking on the Classroom Link.

Note: Not all teachers have classroom pages.


Donna Bazyk - Principal
Faith Marr - Receptionist
Kimberly Tenner - Assistant Principal
Sandy Mitchell - Secretary

Professional Support Staff

Isabelle Herbert - ESL
Kathleen Hunt - School Counselor
Ashley Lewis - Home School Liaison
Jessica Luther - Home School Liaison
Diane Morrissey - Partners in Reading
Jennifer Reidy - School Counselor
Paul Redding - Learner Support Center Intensive Special Needs Specialist
Erin Saunders, LPN
Julie Senecal, RN, BSN, MEd - School Nurse - The Health Office

Carrie Gardner - Math Coach K-2
Andrea Lane - Reading & Math Interventionist
Madeline Levy - Literacy Coach
Megan Olson - Reading & Math Interventionist
Greg Thomas - Reading & Math Interventionist
Kimberly Weber - Reading & Math Interventionist

Special Educators

Avery Bucchieri - NECC Intensive Special Needs Specialist
Molly Dobias - Special Education Teacher
Lauren Maguire - Special Education Teacher
Tammy Massingill - Special Education Teacher
Kristina Strouse - Special Education Teacher
Dawn Terrien - Special Education Teacher
Abbie Thurber - Special Education Teacher

Ethan Crowley - Speech Language Pathologist
Courtney Ludwig - Speech Language Pathologist
Allison Matunas - Physical Therapist
Jennifer Miller - Speech Language Pathologist
Jillian Petry - Occupational Therapist

Jillian Avery - NECC Teacher
Lisa Bonhote - NECC Intensive Special Needs Specialist
Demetria Cavallari - NECC Intensive Special Needs Specialist
Tabitha Collins - NECC Teacher
Jennifer Gardner - NECC Intensive Special Needs Specialist
Julie Haupt - NECC Speech and Language Pathologist
Alina Heim - NECC Consultant
Alicia Maisonet - Intensive Special Needs Specialist
Shannen McBride - NECC Intensive Special Needs Specialist
Chelsea Muscoe - NECC Teacher
Ashley Porter - NECC Occupational Therapist
Megan Walraed - NECC Intensive Special Needs Specialist
Whitney Walsh - Intensive Special Needs Specialist

Special Education Evaluation Team

Other Staff

Daniel Chadwick - Maintenance
Elizabeth Grande - Cook Manager
Laura George - Kitchen
David Hensley - Maintenance
Gerry Prue - Director, BSD Building and Grounds
David Rifenburg - Custodian