About Us

Mike Mugits, Principal
Hello Molly Stark Community:

I’d like to introduce myself. I am Mike Mugits, the new principal of Molly Stark Elementary School. It is a privilege and honor to accept this leadership position. I trust that my words and actions will convince you how, and why, I’ve become the leader of the school. Serving you requires more than a title or position. Allow me to explain what’s behind the nameplate on the office desk.

I am a parent. That’s a challenging responsibility. I never forget that when interacting with parents of our Molly Stark learners. I’ve raised a son and a daughter. I recently became a grandfather, to a little boy born here in Bennington last July. I have previously served as a principal and school superintendent. I came here to make a positive a difference in the lives of others by supporting the dreams and encouraging the hopes of children.

Regardless of test scores and other measurements, the success of a school depends on the relationships between and among everyone in the school. I expect your sons and daughters to be treated like our staff members would want their children treated. With this in mind, I’ve used the following quote as a guide throughout my career: “People don’t care what you know, until they know that you care.” That will be the foundation of our school. People must feel safe, respected, and accepted before they can experience success and achievement. The four pillars of Molly Stark – Be Kind, Be Safe, Be Respectful, and Be Responsible – are expectations that promote learning. These expectations apply to everyone within the school, including visitors.

Our school supports many academic, social and behavioral goals, but our efforts can be simplified and reduced to one clear purpose – We expect each child to arrive at school on time, with a smile, ready to do their best, and we will do our best to provide experiences and opportunities for all children so they leave school each day with a smile. That’s the true measure of a school. That’s what I wanted for my own children; to come home from school feeling positive. If for some reason a child enters Molly Stark without a smile then we’re responsible for finding out what is troubling the child (for example, they forgot their homework, or they’re worried about their lost dog) and make sure that a caring adult responds with appropriate support to put a smile back on the child’s face. If your child comes home concerned about something at school, you should contact us at 442-2692. We encourage you to visit Molly Stark and become a partner along your child’s path of learning. I promise I will work as hard as you do to create a bright future for your child.

Dr. Michael Mugits, Principal

Molly Stark Elementary School